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A long May weekend in a moment, followed by holidays and numerous weekend getaways. Despite the beautiful weather, even while on vacation, a laptop and smartphone are a must-have set. At the airport, in a hotel or a restaurant nearby, we are happy to connect to open WiFi networks to surf on FB, and if necessary – make a transfer or take a quick loan. But is it completely safe?

It turns out that Hotspots are not so “hot”. Cybercrime is the scourge of our time, and we can lose passwords and logins to a bank account, email or social networking sites using open WiFi networks. So by logging into our accounts using such public WiFi we can become an easy and greedy morsel for cybercriminals. Therefore, before connecting to an unsecured network, let’s get acquainted with some important rules.

Avoid password-protected networks

Avoid password-protected networks

Wi-fi password protected gives you a greater security guarantee than that not secured with it. Cybercriminals often deploy their hotspots in public places, such as airports and shopping centers. In this way they hunt our data. Very often, even their names are very similar to those used by our hotel or restaurant, where we are eating dinner.

Also remember to turn off the function of automatically connecting your smartphone or laptop to public wireless networks. Only a password-protected network gives us security guarantees, even if the password is available to all users.

Online loans with encrypted connection

Online loans with encrypted connection

Do you buy tickets online? Do you book hotel accommodation? Or maybe you are taking a quick loan online? Before you do this, make sure that the website you are using is completely secure. You can check it in the browser window, in the website address, where the green padlock symbol or information about the https encrypted connection appears. Remember also that after logging in to the bank, you must log out and clear all “cookies” from your browser data. Such left cookies can be a tasty bite for criminals.

Update and secure

Install and regularly update anti-virus software. Good if it also has the option of protecting financial transactions.

Take care of your password

Create a unique account for your email account, social networking sites and bank account. On the other hand, when logging in to a bank account, it is best to use two elements authentication: an online password and e.g. an SMS code. If you do not log in and receive an SMS or e-mail, it means that someone has just stolen our password and wants to access our account. Immediately scan your computer for security and change the password.

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